On what’s happening!

I’m happy to say that although it’s been more than a month since I was last able to successfully write a complete text to post on my blog I have been busy doing other creative things. I wrote an abstract for my thesis (which apparently is a big deal), I finished my first short story and submitted it for publication, and I’m already in the process of writing a second one. In my defense I did try to write another post…twice, and the meager attempts are still patiently sitting in my “unpublished posts” folder…oh well!

My last post, if memory serves me well, concerned my introduction to horror fiction by the remarkable Thomas Ligotti. Incidentally I finished reading his collection of short stories only yesterday, and immediately began reading one of H.P. Lovecraft’s collections. I must admit that so far I’m leaning towards Ligotti, but I think that this is a result of the language in which Lovecraft wrote… a hundred years ago. But I will not decide just yet.

Just a month left and I’ll be off this island…no offense but I’m sick of the cold and the penetrating dampness and humidity. It’s supposed to be June… ahhh…summer…an incomprehensible and utterly alien concept to this lonely island. Thankfully, it will all be over very soon! But until then I will patiently wait, write, listen and dream.

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