On routine.

It’s been more than a month and I’m truly ashamed! Sure, I started working again and so have significantly less time to spare or think about this, but still, there’s no excuse. But I’ll have you know that it has been on my mind to such an extent that last night I had a dream where I was walking down a creepy road at night (but for some reason I was carefree) and I was thinking what this post could be about, and I started having some ideas, some really good ideas, and I remember feeling happy with myself. But, alas, when I woke up I remembered none of them…oh well, c’est la vie!

So I’ll stick to an idea I had a few days ago while driving to work at 7:50 am: our beloved routine, a truly underrated and misunderstood concept. Daily routine, like most other things, can turn against you and “ruin your life” only if you allow it to assume control. Instead, when you consider and appreciate its most basic principles, I’ve learned it can be quite rewarding. But, allow me to explain.

Like most people, apart from work I have a million other things that I want to do between, let’s say, 6pm and 1am (which is usually when I go to bed). I know 6pm sounds hopeful, but I’m privileged in that my 9 to 5 is 8 to 4, so I’m home at 4:30. Awesome, right? I think so too. So 7 hours! Plenty of time, correct? *beeeeeeep* wrong! I’m not trying to be insensitive towards the people who work 12 hours a day (or more), I’m just saying that time flies flies flies and most days you go to bed feeling like you’ve done almost nothing besides, well, work.
These are some of the things I want to accomplish on the evenings between Monday and Friday: work towards the completion of my PhD, procrastinate, read my book, procrastinate, write (fiction), procrastinate, see some friends, maybe go out, procrastinate, watch movies, series, listen to some new music, read my RSS feeds which are now +1000, etc. And in between aaaaall of that, I still have to clean my house, tidy up, go to the supermarket, pay my bills, and on and on and on. Am I asking for too much? (you don’t need to answer, it was a rhetorical question…obviously) So where does routine fit in all this, you might ask? Nowhere, and that’s exactly my point!

I’m not implying that you should take up eleventy billion tasks so that, at the end of the day, you will feel as if you’ve accomplished even less than usual, but having several different interests helps in dragging you out of the all too familiar feeling of self-loathing, and the conviction that you’re all routined-out! Naturally, there will be days when none of these things will even be touched upon, simply because you’re too tired, too lazy, too indifferent to do anything but stare at the stupid TV. But that’s OK, because on the days that you actually achieve the completion of even one of those successfully and to your satisfaction, you will feel elated, in control, even strangely liberated! And these should be the moments we live for 🙂

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