On words

So I thought of writing about not knowing what to write about. How meta of me, right? No, seriously though, I don’t know what to write about. Ah, you might say, a classic case of writer’s block. Well, about that… I unfortunately don’t have that luxury at this point in my life. My day is incessantly surrounded by words. Endless, often nonsensical words, that flow through me like… a waterfall? No. A river? Cliche. You see what I mean? I can’t even come up with a decent metaphor.

From 8 to 4 I’m a proofreader and an editorial administrator, from 6-10 (pm) I try to be a PhD candidate, and in my free time I try to be a blogger and a writer (two tasks I’m pretty sure I’m failing at). So words literally govern me. And yes, I know you’ll say they govern us all, they’re the means with which we express ourselves and make ourselves understood to others, blah blah blah. But for me, it’s more than that. I need to be ‘fluent’ in both practicality and eloquence, imagination and simplicity, and I have to do that all day long. So, I win. Now you will ask, well it’s your choice isn’t it? Yes, of course it is. So what are you whining about and why should we care? Well, fair question. You obviously don’t have to care, but if you’re already reading this you might as well know. You didn’t come this far to leave empty-handed, did you? Either way you’re only a click away from blissful ignorance.

I love words. And before you say ‘duh?’, let me make myself clearer. I love words, I love language and I am fascinated by its overwhelming power over, well, everything. Can you imagine a world without it? No. That is why we invented it. Go humanity! But I am also fascinated by the autonomy and power language has assumed while we were busy using it. It’s like an organism really, and a very alive and devious one at that. How, you might ask. To that I must suggest a course on language theory, because I am in no position to go into that, it is truly mind-numbing stuff. But back to my point. Whether you’re reading, listening, speaking, or even thinking, language is always there, and the infinite paths you may choose from to express one single idea or thought is extraordinary, to say the least.

Not surprisingly, I talk too much, and sometimes too fast, and most of the time I enjoy taking the scenic route, if you know what I mean… no? *sigh* I use more, OK maybe many more, words than I actually need to say something, which, according to my boyfriend, is more than a little annoying, so now I over-speak selectively, to people who can handle it, or, you know, keep track of my train of thought (which in my defense never derails). The funny thing is that even in the midst of all this chaos of words and languages (I use at least two on a daily basis), my only regret is that I don’t have enough time to read more books, or write more! So, you see, I’m hopeless.

So…yeah, that’s it really, that’s all I had to say. What? Don’t look at me like that, I started off saying I don’t know what to write about. Thought I was kidding? Not mea culpa! I’ll go back to my word-hole now (oh! that’s actually a good one) and I vow to return with an actual theme.

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