On reality

I wish to disappear inside the bubble I’ve created. Inside everything I’ve built around me. Inside a universe where I’m understood. Where my real thoughts do not lie hidden behind every defence mechanism I’ve contrived. I will never be; I will never win what I haven’t willed myself to earn.

I am lost inside a path I neither hide nor wish to reveal. I can hear my feet walking on ghost pebbles resting on idle dust. Such hypocrites. The human race devours itself. Fighting civil wars between the selves, we hide behind every aspect of our being that doesn’t coincide with the eidolon we have created for ourselves. Interchangeable persons, masked beasts.

We are all beasts, wearing our human suits. How much is too much? Why is it so fucking hard to expose our fur and bear our teeth? Because people are for themselves and no one wants to know. No one is interested in who you are, they only wish to briefly see the you you are projecting. We all live in the Cave. None of us are real. They can’t risk knowing you when they don’t know even know themselves. 

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