On eternities

He put his left hand over my right eye and asked,
‘What do you see?’
‘Your eyes,’ I told him.
‘What about now?’ he said as he moved his right hand to cover my left eye.

‘Your smile,’ I said and smiled myself.

He then covered both my eyes and asked again.

‘Your soul,’ I replied.

The pressure of his fingers caused my darkness to light up with yellows, and reds, and sometimes even blues. I sensed him coming closer.

‘Keep them closed,’ he said as I felt his breath on my neck.

‘What if I don’t kiss you?’

‘Then I will wait, forever.’

‘How long is that?’

‘How long since you last kissed me? Forever will always be that stretch of time our lips have been apart. I only live in nows and forevers.’

His hands were on my cheeks, my eyes were still closed.

‘What if I hover right here, a millimeter away?’

‘You are making me blissfully eternal.’

‘Doesn’t it hurt?’


‘Me not kissing you.’

‘It’s even more painful when you do, for it has to end, and I have to reenter eternity. Everything is pain, sprinkled with a little hope. If you never kiss me again I will live forever, and if you do I won’t care if I do.’

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