On darkness

‘Turn on the light,’ he said.
‘Why?’ I asked.
‘Because it’s too dark. I can’t even see you.’
‘You know what I look like. What do you need to see?’
‘Your eyes.’
‘You know every single one of my expressions.’
‘How can you say that? I’ve only known you for a while.’
‘That is all you need to see.’
‘What makes you think you can handle the rest?’
‘What makes you think I can’t?’
‘Can we stay in the dark?’
‘Sure, if you want to; but only for tonight.’
‘I need it; the dark.’
‘It’s my light.’
‘That doesn’t make sense.’

‘You think people are who they truly are in daylight? No. People are themselves when they lay in bed at night. When all their defenses are down. When they think no one’s watching, or listening. Our nocturnal thoughts define us, our nostalgias too. Silence does not signify absence, and darkness does not cast shadows; only light does that. People change depending on how the light hits them, which side is illuminated. In darkness we are all the same. We are simply human, and therefore we can be ourselves. We do not need to be anything else but who we are inside.’

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