On blindness

Imagine a thought that actually makes sense. Imagine a coherence in the things that people do. Imagine a cohesive argument and a logical pattern of behavior. You’re obviously on another planet, maybe even a different universe. Because here common sense has been replaced with an elaborate and sadly viable stupidity. 

Non-sense has become the trademark of my generation. It has defined it in ways not even writers could have imagined. Automatons that feel the burden of their mundane existence and revolt against each other while damaging themselves in the process. 

When did common sense and decency go out the window? When did it become a luxury item? Why try when you can just wing it, right? Why bother when you can simply exist without thought? Without purpose. Without a sense of identity either toward yourself or others. 

What have we become in our effort to be nothing? We’re crawling back into the womb as we become morose. We suffer alone and whine about the loss of connection, when we were the architects of this new technique. We have become animals licking the wounds we inflicted on ourselves as we tried to clumsily dance around thorny predicaments. 

We treat everyone the same, oblivious to the uniqueness of every individual. We speak the same words, do the same absurd things to anyone who comes our way and attempts to even slightly come within. We never filter. We never wonder whether a different approach can bring alternative results. That is not our concern. But what is?

Animals inside a cage we call civilization. Wanderers in a maze we have built out of all our wrong choices. Creatures of bad habit and unintelligent escapades. We destroy opportunities we created and then left to rot, slowly, bunglingly, with a staggering loss of grace. 

How will we ever face our reflection when the background is strewn with all the ‘almosts’ we ever conceived but never had the guts, the wit, and conviction to realize? Either with shame, or with our eyes closed. 

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