On chances

take-at-least-one-chance-quote-1When we think about chances we usually have two misconceptions: one is that they come crashing down in front of our eyes, wrapped in Christmas lights, bearing a neon sign with an arrow pointing at the words: TAKE IT; the second is that they are infinite.

Neither is true. There are many, but they are not inexhaustible, and most of the time they appear incognito. It’s not that things can never be easy, or uncomplicated, or straightforward (which , let’s face it, they rarely are) but that from some point on we have to be willing to see them for what they are, or at least risk it and find out.

What we don’t realise is that by becoming risk-averse we are slowly becoming life-averse. As dramatic and hyperbolic as this may sound, it is sadly true. The trap is set in the lethargy we let ourselves lie in. We cocoon ourselves in the putative and comfortable slowness of time and we wait, postpone, wile away, wander, roam, meander from one familiar act to the next, squandering chances.

Tomorrow is always going to be there, so why sweat it today? Does it have to be right this moment? Surely not. IT CAN WAIT: and that is our live’s neon sign, if there ever was one. I can almost imagine chances as flies, buzzing around us, resting on our skin, and us nonchalantly, but always with a slight annoyance, waving them away.

I’m trying to remember the last one I blew. It was three months ago. It was something small, possibly inconsequential, but looking back now, I would have liked to have taken it. No matter where it led me.

For chances are like choices: they either reward you or come back to haunt you.

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