On doubts

2b64e9e23719b0523f315745c580119bI am sitting on a beach, on an island, in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. Hundreds of people are all around me, it is surprisingly quiet, though. I can think, read my book and listen to music on my headphones. I can doubt everything in peace. Why do we sometimes doubt and other times choose to believe in something or someone? What parameters affect our decision to either be true to our human nature and even question our happiness, or wear a mask and proceed in the dark…trusting, believing and without fear?

I am sitting in my desk chair, on the third floor, in the middle of Athens. No one is around me, it is surprisingly loud, though. I can’t think, read or listen to music with lyrics on my speakers. I found a playlist with instrumental music, mostly piano. Ambient, they call it. I can hear a sombre violin now. I can still doubt in peace.

It is a violent state of mind. It permeates every pore of hope and optimism. Doubt trumps fear. Fear is palpable, honest, reasonable even. Doubt is crippling in its effervescence, for it sighs uncertainty and distorts the validity of knowledge, even the one based on experience. You tell it what you know and it sneers. It rescinds all your senses and shamelessly welcomes you into a rabbit hole it has created just for you: underground rooms of memories, warped just enough to spawn disquiet.

Doubt is an ethereal beast, forged by the hand of vacillation. Its edges are blunt, its core lethal. It is a trickster. It keeps the doors open for it knows you won’t leave, not once you’ve entertained the idea of its existence. So you roam inside its kingdom and you become its slave; willingly, whole-heartedly, almost gratefully, for you’re convinced of its veracity. Your chains are customised, your blindfold weaved in your own image.

You choose to stay there for the truth you doubt no more is much more painful. At least in doubt you can be something instead of nothing.

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