On certainty

img_6174A clock somewhere is ticking. But it’s being dragged. I feel like Sisyphus, but I’m not carrying a boulder up the hill. I am carrying time. I am desperately trying to move it forward; I have fooled myself into thinking it will somehow bring something different the next time it falls on my head or rolls away from me.

I’ve been waiting for something for far too long. I am now done. I have accepted my defeat. I have laid down my arms and I have surrendered. I have surrendered to a higher power: time.

I don’t doubt anymore. I am done. Now I am certain.

Our software dictates hope and optimism even in dire situations (maybe even more so in desperate times: another type of survival instict). That’s what I’ve been doing for more than a year, hoping. Now, even this very sentiment has become a joke.

An objective observer would have urged me to lose hope long ago. They would have given me an exit strategy and coordinates for an emergency evacuation. I have finally become objective, and I have my own coordinates. Now all I need to do is plan the route and start walking (away).

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