On wisdom

elijah-o-donnell-760367-unsplashHow many definitions have you read on wisdom? How many quotes by famous writers, thinkers and philosophers? Are you any wiser? Which one approximated your own idea of it? If the past few years have taught me anything is that wisdom lies deeply within the insight and knowledge of when to speak and when to remain silent. The wiser I get, the more silent I become.

My silence was recently characterised as borderline hostile. It was measured in metaphorical distance, and viewed as a desire to escape and abandon. And yet when I speak, the gap is not bridged. If it doesn’t grow bigger, it remains the same; and so, I remain silent. It is a vicious circle of a deafening absence of words, and a jarring absence of meaning. What is wisdom if not the ability to discern when your words mean nothing?

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